Top 5 Netflix TV Shows

Black Mirror

Almanac about the horrors of the near technocratic future

Charlie Brooker has been familiar with technology since childhood: he spent the eighties with arcade machines and a Spectrum computer, in the nineties he wrote about video games in the PC Zone magazine, in the zero he was engaged in satire about the sunset of television. And in 2011, Brooker launched Black Mirror, a fantastic almanac about how technology will change all of us.

The first three visionary and, we must admit, rather creepy short films aired on British Channel 4 at night. It was strange to wait for the continuation of the compilation in which the Prime Minister has sex with a pig and streams it on YouTube. But the “Black Mirror” in the end not only did not close, but also became the most accurate guide to the near future. Moreover, most of the predictions made by the authors of the series came true pretty quickly: everyone has gadget addiction, there are more and more robots, civilization is built on likes, and people are dying for bitcoin.

The fifth season returned to the original, three-episode format, but turned out to be weaker than the previous ones in terms of drama, and the topics it raised did not touch so much. But before that, the creators released a full-length interactive special Bandersnatch – a curious work in which you can make key decisions for the heroes using the TV remote control.

Stranger Things

An intriguing horror story for all ages, imbued with the spirit of adventure and aesthetics of classic 80s fiction

In a remote town, a boy disappears supernaturally. He is kidnapped by a monster from a parallel dimension in order to make a school breakfast out of the poor thing, or even worse. A phlegmatic police chief and a neurotic mother are trying to get to the bottom of the truth.
Mad Max and Inverted Dragons: 20 Facts About Stranger Things
And at this time, the boy’s three young friends are conducting their independent investigation. Along the way, they meet a mysterious girl with telekinesis and help her hide from a sinister scientific organization.

It’s hard to imagine a more moving love message to the works of Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter and Stephen King than Stranger Things. This series is one continuous imitation of the horror movies of the 80s. The tandem of screenwriters, the Duffer brothers, blows kisses to the era of the past with such ecstasy that they infect even those who did not find her with nostalgia. At the same time, the prodigies in the lead roles demonstrate an exorbitant level of acting. These children have become real stars. For example, Finn Wolfard, the most notable of them, has already starred in the box office horror film It. So hurry up to see them before they have grown completely.

The Witcher

World’s premier fantasy TV series where Game of Thrones ended

The most powerful Netflix premiere of 2019 was the adaptation of the book cycle by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. Even before the announcement of the series “The Witcher” all over the world knew from the series of games of the same name, and even the performer of the role of the hunter of evil spirits Geralt – Henry Cavill – caught fire with the project precisely as a fan-gamer. The show, however, is closer to the books: there is a lot of magic, prophecies, creepy monsters like Stryga and the Twin and political intrigue – and all this in a setting that vaguely resembles the Slavic Middle Ages.

Opinions about the series turned out to be extremely polar. Someone did not like the selection of actors for some roles (part of the Internet was especially embarrassed by dark-skinned elves), others were completely confused by the non-linear narrative of the early episodes. In addition, The Witcher is confusing at first and does not sufficiently explain the local mythology for an unprepared viewer – some explanations will have to be looked for in third-party sources. Ironically, the rest of the audience fell in love with the series for about the same things: actors, plot, style, flavor.

The Umbrella Academy

A brutal superhero about a family of freaks who have to save the world

On the same day in 1989, 43 extraordinary babies are born at the same time, whose mothers mysteriously ended up immediately at the 9th month of pregnancy without conception. The eccentric billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreaves (Colm Fiore) takes care of seven of these children, gives them serial numbers instead of names, and founds the Umbrella superhero academy.

The old man knew from somewhere that children have unique abilities: someone teleports, another power of thought changes the trajectory of thrown objects, the third manipulates the minds of others with the help of rumors. And only Number Seven, she is a Soviet girl Vanya (Ellen Page), becomes an outcast in the family – she has no abilities, so she is not taken on assignments with her brothers and sisters.
Ellen Page, Mads Mikkelsen, Keanu Reeves, David Bowie and other famous actors who “played” the characters in giving their appearance to the characters of video games
As they grew older, the academy fell apart: everyone lives separately, and someone even flew to the moon. The troubled family is reunited by the death of the adoptive father under suspicious circumstances. On the same day, Number Five (Aidan Gallagher), who disappeared many years ago, unexpectedly returns from the future, intending to prevent an imminent apocalypse.

Umbrella is both an adult superhero, a science fiction about time travel, and a detective story with regular plotters. It’s worth watching for the sake of a little similar entourage, in which there was a place for suitcases-time machines, chimpanzee butlers, androids, and also because of the excellent soundtrack and hip-hop diva Mary J. Blige in one of the key roles.

Russian Doll

Newest Reincarnation of Groundhog Day with a Cynical Sense of Humor

36-year-old Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) is celebrating her 36th birthday in her apartment. She looks at herself in the bathroom mirror, goes out to the guests, complains about the life of her friend, goes out into the street and dies under the wheels of a car – only to find herself in the same mirror again. At first, what is happening seems to the heroine as a trip (Nadia uses it), later she realizes that she has fallen into a time loop and is trying to survive the prolonged day, hoping that she can get out in this way. As it turns out, she’s not alone.

Unlike the famous comedy with a similar plot, “Matryoshka” goes into a deeper and darker study of the characters’ psychological traumas, cogs the causal relationship of how they poisoned their own lives and does it with a burnt out cynicism of humor. The series rushes from drama to comedy, while not slowing down the pace and degree of intrigue. It turns out to be a simple, but eerily catchy second-tier show – not provocative and loud enough to be discussed on a par with the platform’s flagship series, but worthy of immediate viewing.